Walking By Faith

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I always say this bridge is as safe as humanly possible. It was built by man. Man is prone to making mistakes. God, however, doesn’t make mistakes. He is 100% reliable. So when we walk through life we shouldn’t put our faith and trust in things created by men who are prone to err. We should trust in God. Only he can give us perfection.

Today was a rainy day here at camp. Our outdoor education program was a bit upset by weather. I didn’t get to tell the kids about this bridge today. I hope that those who I have talked to really think about what God gives us in the way of assurance.

This is week three for us. We are so glad to be blessed enough to help out! We have one more week to go. I pray we can finish strong.

Give Me Your Eyes O Lord


A friend took this at outdoor education this week. It was our first week and I am actually doing rather well so far. It is fun but also hard work. The physical therapy has been a huge help. It made all the difference.

I think that the best part of helping out is how God changes our view of others. He lets us see each other through his eyes. We learn a lot about our own misguided thoughts and views of others by seeing ourselves in action.

I think often we start out serving God thinking silly thoughts of those he has called us to care for. We go into it looking at them with ideas formed by our prejudices. God wants to strip it away and let us really see not just those we serve, but also ourselves.

I Can’t help but think of one person in particular that I met this week. We both had silly ideas about each other. It was very nice to try to break through our cultural boundaries and form at least a working friendship.

I don’t think either of us fully came to know what the other is really like. I feel sad that I didn’t get to hear their personal testimony of faith. I think we need to praise God more. It is important to testify of his love.

So what I learned this week is that we are all blinded at times by our worldly eyes. We often miss out on opportunities to worship and praise God because we forget to testify of his goodness and faithfulness in our lives.

May God be lifted up higher. May we have our eyes opened to see those around us as he does.

Walking Forward


In life you are often dealt bad turns. Times are not always good. Sixteen years ago I was being operated on to remove a spinal tumor. I had no way of knowing what was to come. I was told to make ready to die. God was making me ready to live.

If you find yourself in a hard situation and facing the worst remember that God grows us and he holds us. When you place your life in his hands you find mercy and grace. He is our hope when all hope is lost. He is our refuge in the midst of life’s storms.

Today I am disabled, but not dead. I am broken, but I can still function. God gives me hope beyond measure. He pours it out into my life. I still have struggles, but I am an over comer! I dare to dream because God is my hope.

If you find that you can’t see how you will make it just walk forward. Go forward with God and let him give you the strength to dare to dream. Dare to live boldly for God.

I am tired right now and maybe this isn’t a glorious well thought out post, but I am blessed to be alive and able to share these thoughts with you.

At Risk

This post is a result of some current research on some of the current day industries. I’ve been taking some time to do character studies of people around me in my area. This led to my looking into some documentaries. Talking to a few people I know and making some disturbing discoveries about trends.
I don’t want to post a doctoral thesis here so I will skip the formalities and get to the heart of the topic.  What causes some people to be more likely to become exploited? That is a question that seems to be fuelng some of today’s research.
There is also a disconnect between the population of areas. It seems we see a great divide in my local area in which we have some of the population being more well off than others.  I’m not talking about those with higher incomes either. 
I think after looking at the faces of many of those who are either trapped by drugs or by other addictions I can safely say that in this country our biggest cause for exploitation is addiction.  Either the person or their family can fall pray to undesirable lifestyle choices. 
Now we can not see the type of exploit that the sweatshop industry has here locally, but we do see other forms of undesirable living conditions. We do have a real problem country wide with sexual exploitation as well as drug affiliated exploitation.
It is clear that those who are more prone to drug and alcohol abuse tend to fall into high risk of being or even doing the exploitation of others.  Addiction leads to the lowering of intellectual efficiency as well as the exposer to undesirable company.  We can actually see even those with higher education and better resources falling prey to addiction then becoming exploited.
I’m not trying to prove any of this.  My goal is to make you stop and think about what we see as growing norms.  It is my view that as long as we continue to normalize the sex industry as well as normalize the use of high level pain killers and make both alcohol as well as other exceptable addictions easier to access that we will see a growth of the exploitation of people in our country.
Now, back to sweatshops,  in those countries they too have other forms of exploitation. Sweatshops workers are often desperate. Desperation can be see in many cases of exploited individuals. It is by far one of the underlying issues that can be observed in those who are at risk for exploitation. 
While we are outraged and appalled at those who own and operate sweatshops that is not often the case with socially acceptable cases of human exploitation. Today’s porn industry as well the social alcohol industry (bars) are two examples of our failure to recognize the behaviors which lead to exploitative lifestyles. Those who become drawn into those socially excepted lifestyles are preyed upon by the very choices they make.  They often once in those situations become desperate for relief from the psychological damage from their exploited behavior then they get drawn into drugs.  It is a cycle of destruction.
So who really is at risk?
Often we are told that those who are not well educated and who come from poorer families are higher level risk for exploitation than those who have a better education and income.  I don’t believe this at all.  I believe that those who are taught social norms such as drinking at bars, and watching not just porn but also rated R  materials as well as in jobs which have physical injuries at a high which cause them to need pain medicine on regular basis are more apt to spiral down into the world of exploitation. Yes, we have those who are low income and uneducated who also are prey for exploitation. It is in my opinion wrong to claime that income and educational differences are to blame for the divide in our society between those being exploited and those who are not.
There are many factors that have created our current epidemic of exploitative lifestyles. It is my current view that if you live on our planet you are at risk of being exploited. If you allow yourself to except current norms and are put into situations which can cause desperate behavior there is, in my opinion, a higher risk of your becoming exploited.
The bias against those who are lower income or who have developmental issues is unwarranted in my view.  Pushing studies based on prejudicial views shouldn’t be excepted.
We need to study the growing and disturbing trends of addiction and exploitation without looking at the individual being weeded into categories of class or education.
If you want an example of educated and wealthy people who have fallen prey to exploitative lifestyles just check out celebrities who are addicted to drugs.  Look at what the reports about high risk individuals say in regards to the poorer population next to what you can see happening to those who are financially stable.
Having money and a degree doesn’t protect you from being a statistic. 
Anyone can be exploited.
It is our choices which are made based on the moral fabric of our souls that either protect us or damn us to destruction via exploitation.
Eroding morals leave us desperate and vulnerable.

Note: Sorry if this is a bit rambled and not well developed. It was written while I was baking cupcakes. Thus it wouldn’t make it as a well thought out thesis basis.
Feel free to express your views on addiction and exploitation.

Deedra Mosley

Choking On Pills

The world today has seen such a bombardment of easy medicine that we now have people who gulp down more pills than food! It seems we have become flooded with pharmaceuticals.

Pills,  potions,  and more…

We have become so awash in pills that often we have unrealistic expectations of the medical community. We want results fast and easy like a McDonald’s $1 menue item. We have gotten away from the active healing process.

Take physical therapy for example.  We are now seeing more people who refuse to do their part in getting their body back into working order. They do just enough to get a prescription for pain killers, but not enough to be free of the pills!

A pill can’t work miracles and heal muscles… The pain might never go away fully,  but it can be fixed by proper use of your body.  Pills drown out the noise of pain, not eliminate it.

Don’t get caught up in the whirlwind of prescription meds. You have to do more than just pop a pill for relief! I’m an advocate for physical therapy and exercise. It has made a huge difference in the life I’m living!

When healing the human body there is no such thing as a quick fix.

Before you pop another pill talk to your doctor about alternatives. Make up your mind to follow through with the harder part of healing.  Join a support group for encouragement. Enlist friends and family to help you with your health care plan.

Don’t loose hope! Fitness and wellness can be yours. It just can’t be had the easy pill way.  Easy is not always best!

As some of you might have guessed I’m back in physical therapy. It has been challenging and painful. Nothing new really. I’m seeing results but not as fast as I want.  That is always how it is.  It is a slow process that leads to long term results.

To me it is worth it.  That is why I  wanted to encourage you to look beyond the easy pills and cheap meds.  If you want a healthier lifestyle it takes physical activity and dedication! I know those are dirty words in today’s world, but true ones. 

May you reach your goals and make your health more than just a trip to the pharmacy!

Deedra Mosley

A Writing Writer Writes …


The hardest part of being a writer is actually the writing! I have times I feel very burned out with the whole process and just can’t force another word from my finger tips. I have abandoned several of my projects due to this hard wall of writers despair. My current work has become painful to even dream about. The wall has sucked the life out of my writing joys.

I decided to start back with my daily journals and so far the efforts have been well worth it. Just everyday writing as a break from the pressure of stellar writings has made a big difference in my life. My novel will get finished, but this little break has been paramount in my gaining the momentum to go forward with the huge undertaking of a multi book series. Being able to just write and to not stay wrapped up in the faux world I am creating as I go has been a nice vacation for my mind.

Journaling has its advantages. You can explore different ideas or practices writing down detailed descriptions which you can later use to make your books more interesting. It can be practice for your basic writing skills or just a messy over view of your feelings about your daily life. What ever you write is for just your eyes. No pressure to perform and no guide lines to follow. It is freeing and pure pleasure.

Being a writer is not glamorous. I find myself cross eyed from looking at a screen all day and covered in ink as well as pencil dust from my hand writing sessions. I have worn more pencil shavings than I care to admit. Writing can actually hurt! No one tells you about the back pain and finger cramps you will get. It takes a physical and mental toll on you. That is why it requires breaks. Sometimes you just have to relax and let it go for a few days or weeks.

When you write life is still happening. I can’t tell you how many days I have spent doing dishes, washing laundry, and cooking between marathon writing sessions. It is like a revolving door the way I work and live keeps a circler motion going here in my home. You have to live and when you are a born writer you also have to write. The two are connected. Daily living helps you form more realistic worlds for your characters to live in. You must actually get outside your home from time to time and see the world. What you live will shape what you write.

Writers block… the wall you beat your brains out on.

When you hit the wall you must put down the pen and ink then get outside your faux world. It is when life itself carries you some place beyond where just your imagination can take you.


Okay, life just messed me up. Thanks to my silly children the muse for this post has been preempted or possibly high jacked. Ugh. “It’s dead Jim!” Yup, it has left my brain! So you see living can be a doubled edged sword. Some days it helps you write and other days… like today, it kills the writing flow. It can reduce you to nothing more than a hot mess rambler.  Which is what I am now.

Good luck with your writing and may you find inspiration all around you!

Paranoia Grows

I know now why they say paranoid grows.  After waking up from a very crazy nightmare in which I threw a frying pan at someone stealing my window air-conditioner I was definitely feeling the growing stages of paranoia.  There I was shaking and hyper aware giving my window air-conditioning the once over at 2:00 AM this morning.  Every little noise caused me to jump.  I was wild eyed and while my mind was wide awake my body was no where near it!
I even asked me rabbit if he was making noise… OK maybe my mind wasn’t as awake as it felt either. What was making the items we have hanging over my exercise machine move? Well, the fan was. I’m not use to our ceiling fans being on at 2 AM so it freaks me out to no end when I see everything blowing around.
I was a hot mess for sure. Of course I grabbed myself a Pepsi-Cola and chilled out till the freaked out spell passed.  I managed to finally get back to sleep, but getting up today at 8:00 AM was exceptionally difficult. I’m still dead headed and a real mess. 


Grumpy Cat Rocks

This is definitely not the best Tuesday for me! I am hoping that tomorrow is better than today has been! Maybe tonight I can get some sleep.
I want to close this post out with a bit of information on paranoia. This first link is the medical definition of it:
http:// http://psychcentral.com/disorders/paranoid-personality-disorder-symptoms/
This next link is more basic and not as in detail:
http:// http://www.medicinenet.com/script/main/mobileart.asp?articlekey=105611

Paranoia is not what we often think it to be.  After reading the above information I realized how trivial we tend to treat real paranoia. It is nothing like what one would think. It is a serious and damaging illness. Something that requires real medical help and much patience and support.  For those who struggle with it I pray that you find the help needed to live your lives to the fullest!

Deedra Mosley